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What we do

MedaPlus is an AI-assisted software platform, delivering predictive diagnostics for respiratory and heart signals driven by explainable AI.

We are focused on creating results that benfit patients globally. Respiratory and heart conditions are a leading cause of death worldwide and generate a significant burden for public health systems. Early diagnosis and routine monitoring of patients with respiratory conditions are important for timely interventions. However, diagnosing respiratory and heart conditions requires well trained and experienced medical staff. Given time, availability and economic constrains, professional staff is not available at all times and in all places. To solve these issues, MedaPlus is building AI-assisted technology to support everyone, from physicians in advanced technology driven regions to the most resource-constrained communities, to have access to high quality, consistent, and inexpensive respiratory and heart echo analysis.


Digitize any analogue Stethoscope and analyze signals and sounds with explainable AI based on one of the largest manually reviewed sound databases.

Respiratory Analysis AI

MedaPlus allows health care professionals to record, share and compare auscultation results quickly and easily for a second opinion or for treatment follow-up. Additionally, the MedaPlus AI will analyze auscultation data for anomalies comparing against one of the largest databases of reference pattern, individually and manually classified by human physicists. The MedaPlus AI will explain the results and yield references to previously established results, thus providing the means for separating the data acquisition and data analytics. The MedaPlus Stehoscope digitizer turns any analogue Stethiscope into a digital device.

Healthcare Enterprise AI

To deliver value from AI and data driven telehealth solutions, issues like a lack of data in quantity and quality, explainability of results, lack of scalability and integration must be solved. MedaPlus delivers an AI-driven software platform, including predefined uses cases like predictive diagnostics for respiratory signals, explainable AI, integration and scalability, supporting, clinical, non-clinical and educational use cases. Thus, delivering affordable health care closer to the patient.

Use Cases

Value Proposition for Physicians, Clinicians and Healthcare practitioners

Detect hidden pattern from stethoscope and ECG readings. Monitor remote patients. Empower non-physician staff. Digital stethoscope records, amplifies, transfers data seamlessly, supporting a multitude of new use cases. Objectify the analysis and share results with fellow practitioners to get a second opinion.

Use cases for physicians and clinicians

The MedaPlus AI-assisted platform provides physicians and clinicians with explainable AI-driven sound analysis to uncover hidden pattern.

Use cases for non-physician staff

The MedaPlus AI-assisted platform, equips non-physician staff with clinical expertise, down-streaming expert knowledge closer to the patient. Secure storing and sharing of Stehoscope readings supports remote patient monitoring and second opinion sharing.

Explainable AI for Training, Education and ad-hoc Analysis

MedaPlus has worked with respiratory specialists to create one of the largest data repositories based on hunfreds of patients and thousands of respiratory anomalies, manually reviewed, evaluated and classified. This gives MedaPlus a unique high quality data source to support explainable AI. Use MedaPlus in the training of respiratory specialists and to objectify auscultation results.

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